Election Rules 2021

Rules for the Candidates

  • All the candidates must agree to abide by the following rules.

  • Each candidate contests for one position.

  • Each nominee must be an active member of SFBATM on the day of the election and must remain an active member during the full term in the committee and shall not let the membership expire before the end of the term.

  • A candidate shall file for nomination and contest for only one post.

  • A nominee for the post of the President must have served in the Executive Committee (EC) for a full term. This can be waived if no other nomination is available. In this case the candidate preferably shall have held office in any non-profit organizations.

  • In case of a tie for any position the Election Officer shall determine the winner by means of coin toss. The candidate whose last name is closest to “A” shall be “heads”. If the last names are the same, the candidate whose first name is closest to “A” shall be “heads”.

  • The Election Officer will not entertain phone calls, but may respond to emails at his/her own discretion.

  • The Election Officer will set up one or more meetings with the candidates as required.

  • Each candidate must submit her/his campaign material and a photo to the Election Officer at the earliest. Such campaign material may not be more than 200 words.

  • Any modification to this nomination form invalidates your nomination and your nomination will not be accepted.

  • The election results will be announced by the election officer and it is final, barring clerical/logical errors. The election officer can correct any clerical/logical errors that he/she deems correction. The elections results can not be challenged at any time or anywhere or with any one/court/committee.

More rules are mentioned in the nomination form.

A nominee signs these in her/his nomination form.

I am willing to be nominated for the position of _______________________________

I have read and understood this document in its entirety

I am able and willing to participate in any or all debates related to the position that I’m applying for.

I will not engage in negative campaign/propaganda/speech/writeup and/or personal attacks on any candidate, election office(r), SFBATM or the SFBATM EC.

If I am found to be in violation of the election rules, I will abide by the EC's decision based on the Election Officer’s recommendation.

I will not use the official SFBATM social media platforms and tools.

Anyone campaigning for me or I will not use the logo or intellectual properties of SFBATM for the campaign.

If I am a current EC Member, I will recuse myself from event/EC platforms from the date of my nomination to the end of election.

If I am a current EC Member, I will relinquish my authority over election related conversations, EC voting rights and decisions.

If I am a current EC Member, I will not exercise my EC role/responsibilities from the date of nomination to the end of election.

Unless the personal identifiable information (PII) including but not limited to email, address or phone number of the SFBATM member is publicly available, I will not contact the SFBATM member for campaigning purposes by any means.

I have read the SFBATM bylaws that describe the fiduciary duties and responsibilities of the EC and I fully understand those.

I am a current SFBATM member in good standing as defined in the SFBATM’s bylaws

I will abide by the SFBATM bylaws.

If elected, I will accept the responsibility, and perform the fiduciary duties of this position.

If elected, I will declare any potential conflicts of interest.

I understand that getting elected as an Executive Committee Member of SFBATM is a privilege and not a right.

If I am elected, I shall not act in any manner, either directly or indirectly, which may damage the SFBATM organization which would adversely affect the goodwill, reputation or relations of the SFBATM. I shall act in the best interest of SFBATM at all times.