Arulvadivel Venugopal

(Candidate for the position of SFBATM Treasurer)

அருள்வடிவேல் வேணுகோபால் - பொருளாளர் பொறுப்பிற்காக

I Arulvadivel Venugopal M.B.A., living in San Ramon & a Lifetime member supporting SFBATM past few years.

I have been volunteering in NJ Tamil School, Youth Soccer Head Coach, and contributing to Scout.

Having 25 years of Corporate experience, managed budget to handle a team of 30+ people ,allocated and optimized CapEx & OpEx.

Having vast experience in Analytics & Reporting. Learned & trained in accounting.

Huge Passion for Tamils & Tamil Culture drives me to support Tamil Manram enormously.

I am proud of the 40-year-old SFBATM and I would like it to grow even further.

Manifesto for Election 2021

  • Implement Constitution Change for Operation Efficiency

  • 2-Yr term of service for all Committees

  • Appointed 7 Executive Committee Member

  • Appointed 7 Advisory Board Members

  • Fun Raise for TCC by Mega Event

  • Yearly Budget that supports SFBATM growth

  • Financial-Support: Enhanced SFBATM Website with seamless member Onboarding & Usage

  • Fund allocation for Emergency & Crisis Events such as COVID, Flood & hurricane etc.,

  • Every penny is weighed-in, People's money spent Carefully

  • Work with VP-Admin to get Sponsors for various fund needs

I request all of you to vote to elect me for Treasurer.