Ravendran Senrayaperumal

(Candidate for the position of SFBATM Vice President-Admin)

ரவீந்திரன் சென்ராயப்பெருமாள் - துணைத் தலைவர் - நிர்வாகம் பொறுப்பிற்காக

Note: Standing as “Independent Candidate”

Ravendran Senrayaperumal a.k.a “RAVI PERUMAL”

Post Applying for Vice President – Admin

Personal Email id: ravi.perumal@gmail.com

Mobile, WhatsApp, Text: 510-543-4031

About Me:

  • I am Ravi Perumal - Living in the Bay Area Last 22 Years.

  • An active member of BATM. Very Passionate about doing community service and conducting well-organizing Events.

  • (FY 2022) – BATM – Election – I would like to stand for Vice president Admin Position. I learned a lot working in other non-profit organizations in multiple roles and got an opportunity to meet Good friends/leaders From Tamil Manram. I like to contribute my service to Tamil Manram.

What I can do:

  • FY2022, I would like to focus on Member Needs, Member Involvement, Member Base increase, and align with all other EC members to help our Tamil Community in the bay area and beyond to the extent possible. Work with other Tamil Non-profit organizations in the bay area and bring more value to SF BATM.

  • I Will do my best work on - Very Open & Transparent model and will follow the Principles, Policies and guidelines have recommended in our SFBATM By Law